Affordable Philadelphia DentistLooking for an affordable dentist can be a daunting task to pursue for individuals and a headache for family members coordinating their plans. Many Americans will even go so far as to prolong or completely neglect routine check-ups. In an attempt to save themselves from researching a dentist or to spend on other expenses.

These individuals may not realize that disregarding these procedures can be particularly devastating to their bodies’ overall health. Although this care may seem out of reach, our team of professionals understands that you do not want to spend copious sums of money on care. Which is why we pride ourselves on offering the finest of services at affordable rates.

Smile Maker offers specialized family services for all ages throughout the area. From caring for a child’s first set of teeth to placing implants, we offer a complete array of services that our patients can rely on. Receiving regular care is crucial to sustaining good oral and overall health. However, for individuals who do not have dental insurance, the cost of regular dental check-ups can quickly escalate in expenses. Although the Affordable Care Act promotes for more attainable medical insurance, dental coverage is still too expensive for many patients, even for those who have dental insurance.

Your health is important to us, and we want routine check-ups to be within all our patients’ financial grasp. Our office provides affordable individual and family dental plans for patients in and around Philadelphia through our financing program. At Smile Maker, our goal is to allow you to enjoy peace of mind by making your care affordable and efficient.

As your dentist, we aim to help all of our patients receive the services they want when they need it, without them having to sacrifice quality care. Dr. Karagodsky provides skillful, attentive, and highly individualized care for every one of his patients. He makes sure to carefully review your options and design a plan that will fit all of your health goals.

Smile Maker offers full-service dentistry from the finest of professionals and experts in the convenience of one location to provide complete treatment continuity. When you combine our meticulous attention to detail with our accommodating care and excellent dental practices, you will see why so many of our patients refer us to their friends and family.

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