Maybe you have been delaying your dental checkup as a result of budget issues. Hoping that cash will flow in just in time for when your dental condition becomes too overwhelmingly painful to ignore. Maybe you do not have insurance and are not sure if you can fund the treatment you need.

When using the services here at Smile Maker, worry about unexpected dental expenses again. With our dental plan, you can devise a savings plan that activates quickly so that you receive the treatment you deserve as quickly as possible.

It’s true; the cost of care can escalate quite drastically. Even supposing you are fortunate enough to have insurance, the costs can still become a burden. While it’s nice to have this coverage for your health, it is easy to burn through your annual benefits when care procedures start to add up.

Maybe you are in a situation where you have no form of insurance but can cover the cost of checkups. You will still need to properly fund any additional out-of-pocket dental expenses, such as fillings, crowns. At Smile Maker, we provide patients with a dental financing solution to cover their care if they do not have insurance.

Many people believe that because they do not have insurance, they do not need to go to the dentist. To receive a semi-annual checkup, or take care of health problems that may cause further damage in the future. The problem with this is that disregarding these dental procedures can be particularly devastating to their bodies’ overall health. Ultimately, resulting in greater costs down the line, both to your health and budget.

Your health is important to us, and therefore following up with regular checkups is something we want patients to attain. Our office provides affordable individual and family dental plans for patients in and around Philadelphia through our financing program. We treat all of our clients as individuals with unique needs and wants, and all of our services are designed to make sure every patient receives unmatched care and results. If you do not have insurance, but like what you have read about our practice and want us to be your health provider.